Why Join a Jeep Club?

Here are a few Jeep Clubs near Shelby, Ohio so you can have some good old fashioned outdoor fun.

You’re cruising down the road and people are turning their heads.  Why?  Because you are far from the only person on the road who gets a kick out of driving a Jeep.
When you get a chance, come take a look at the hundreds of Jeeps we have in stock at Buckeye Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Superstore.  You’ll be amazed at our selection and even more amazed at our prices, which are the best since we are a part of the Low Payment Kings family of dealerships.  Then, when you’re behind the wheel of a Jeep, there are a few Jeep clubs near Shelby, Ohio that might interest you.

Why Join a Jeep Club?
Once you get your Jeep, you may be wondering why or how to join a Jeep club. Take trail riding, for example.  This favorite pastime of Jeep owners is a recreational activity for all ages and all walks of life. On these rides, with plenty of other Jeep owners, you’ll find out how much more fun a Jeep can be than you may have thought when you bought it. On top of that, you’ll learn about off-roading and get into some tracks or trails that you never knew existed. Many Jeep clubs are active in the community and it’s a great place to make new friends who share a common interest.
There are a few things you should consider before joining a Jeep club. Consider the size of the club, the age of the members, the level of participation, the trips and events, and their community involvement.

Jeep Clubs Near Shelby, Ohio
If you like to get out in the mud and sling some around, then Muddy Buddy’s, an organization with a headquarters in Dayton, might be a club to look into. This club will have you going on trail rides, finding out about places to ride through the mud and it is family oriented. And you can get discounts on auto parts and mud pits with membership.
The Northwest Ohio Crawlers has members from all over the state. While other four-wheel drive vehicles are part of that membership, most are Jeeps (and, really, why wouldn’t they be?).  This club provides social, educational and recreational activities, promotes four-wheel driving, and promotes Jeeps all over the place. This is also a family-friendly club.
Based out of Cincinnati, the TKO Trailriders does most of its trail-riding outside the Ohio area. In the name, the TKO stands for Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio. This group is environmentally concerned and they regularly go to trail clean-up functions. The family-friendly club has been involved with the Trail Keepers Foundation, a non-profit group that seeks land and to keep it open for four-wheeling.

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