2021 Jeep Cherokee driving through muddy water

2021 Jeep Cherokee offers 3 highly capable four-wheel drive systems to choose from

2021 Jeep Cherokee Four-Wheel Drive Options 

The compact SUV has recently become a favorite pick with many drivers thanks to its ability to offer an incredible list of qualities at an affordable price. At the top of the list in this popular automotive segment sits the Jeep Cherokee. This year, the 2021 Jeep Cherokee takes the segment to a whole new level by offering you the off-road capability you’re looking for and the versatility you need every day. The 2021 Jeep Cherokee also impresses shoppers with its incredible list of four-wheel drive options. With three four-wheel drive systems to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that fits your specific needs. Keep reading to learn more about this new SUVs off-road features and four-wheel drive options. 

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2021 Jeep Cherokee Four-Wheel Drive Systems 

2021 Jeep Cherokee driving on rocks

Jeep Active Drive 4×4 System – This four-wheel drive system automatically shifts into four-wheel drive mode when driving on unpredictable roads and actively monitors wheel slippage to ensure you have the traction you need to drive safely. 

Jeep Active Drive II 4×4 System – This highly advanced four-wheel drive system is designed for outdoor adventurers who like to keep driving after the pavement stops. It features a 4-Low mode for impressive off-road performance. It can lock the front and rear driveshafts for an extra level of power when needed at low speeds or when you need to tow a trailer. 

Jeep Active Drive Lock 4×4 System – Choosing this four-wheel drive system will give you the most capability when driving off-road. It is only available on the Trailhawk® model and features the Selec-Terrain® Management System. 

2021 Jeep Cherokee Off-Road Features 

  • 4-Low Mode 
  • Off-Road Pages 
  • High Air Intakes 
  • Special Water Sealing 
  • High Ground Clearance 
  • Selec-Terrain® Management System 
  • Two-Speed Power Transfer Unit Torque Management

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