2020 Ram 1500 Rebel in red, 2020 Ram 2500 Longhorn, and 2020 Ram 3500 Limited

How Much Can Each Ram Truck Haul?

2020 Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 Payload and Towing Capacities

Do you need a tough Ram truck for work or leisure? How much weight do you need it to haul in its bed? How much weight do you need it to tow? Depending on your answer, which Ram truck is the right pick for you? To help drivers decide, we’ll take a look at the payload and towing capabilities of the 2020 Ram truck models. What are the payload and towing capacities of the 2020 Ram 1500, 2020 Ram 2500, and 2020 Ram 3500 trucks?

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a happy and smiling couple sitting inside a vehicle at a car dealership and holding up the key fob

Buckeye Superstore Named CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer

The Buckeye Superstore is being celebrated as a CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer based on verified reviews from actual customers. The Buckeye Superstore joins a select group of dealers recognized as the CARFAX Top-Rated Dealers of 2019. Members of this group received an average of 4.7 stars out of 5 from customer reviews. The Buckeye Superstore, and all other CARFAX Top-Rated Dealers of 2019, is being celebrated for its commitment to building consumer confidence through exceptional service and customer care. 

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an auto mechanic in a blue jumpsuit fixing a tire on a lifted car in an auto service shop

What’s Considered an Essential Business in Columbus, OH?

Regarding the current situation and spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), many Americans are currently learning about the new classifications of Essential Businesses and Essential Workers. So, what are considered Essential Businesses in the state of Ohio? What are Essential Businesses that have physical locations that remain open in Columbus, Ohio? 

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restaurant food delivery man on a motorcycle as a customer tracks their delivery with an online smartphone app

Food Delivery Apps and Restaurants in Columbus, OH

Don’t want to leave the house but starving for a big and tasty meal? If don’t want to take the time to cook, then the next best plan is to order in! So, what restaurants and eateries offer delivery near you? Here are some of the local restaurants that deliver and meal delivery apps that you can use to have food delivered to your doorstep in Columbus, Ohio!

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