A Short Drive for Summer Fun Events near Shelby, OH Three Local, Fun Things to do with Your Kids in Town

For those who say there is nothing to do in Shelby, Oh, you must not be looking in the right areas. There is plenty to do and for those looking to do something that is light on the pocket, Buckeye Superstore, which sells Dodges, Chryslers, Jeeps, RAMS and FIATS, has a few suggestions.
For one, there is Seltzer Park. This is a public swimming pool and park on Parkwood Drive. It is open from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. and the pool is open from May 26 – August 19. With the summer months here, it is a great place to spend the afternoon with the kids where they will be safe under lifeguard supervision and you can work on your tan. If tanning isn’t one of your things, in addition to the swimming center, where there is a full size and kiddie size pool, there is a playscape of 8,400 square feet, tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, pavilions, and, of course, restrooms.
If you are looking for a more unique, novelty event, you’re in luck! In nearby Mansfield, fans of the author Stephen King can learn more about him and see some of his cinema work in the Stephen King Film Festival on July 19. Many books and scenes from King’s novels take place in this area, where he once lived. The screenings have a pre-talk presentation led by noted speakers and around the corner there is the Phoenix Brewing Co., where there will be movie trivia and more discussion of King’s film and book writing.
Lastly, August may be the only month of the year without a holiday or some event marking it, but on August 24, there is the Blue and White Day.
For only $10 in nearby Jeromesville, you and the kids can enjoy a weekend of music, games, activities and adventures.
We here at Buckeye Superstore are looking forward to a great summer here in Shelby, and we hope you are too. If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle to drive the kids around and enjoy all this area has to offer this summer, stop by or see our extensive inventory online.

Prescription Drugs and Driving Do Not Mix Understand the Risks of Driving Under the Influence of Prescribed Medication

A recent study found that almost 55% of Americans are taking some sort of prescription medication. In a perfect world, people on these medications would not be operating a vehicle, unfortunately, people do. So it is important for everyone to know what possible dangers could be in front of them when driving a car impaired by prescription drugs.
While many medications don’t have any meaningful impact on an individual’s ability to drive, Buckeye Superstore, which sells Dodges, Chryslers, Jeeps, RAMS and FIATS, encourages people to be aware of what he or she could be facing.
New studies have shown that even allergy medication can affect a person’s response time behind the wheel. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration recommends that people should stay from operating a motor vehicle if drugs have been taken for anxiety, antidepressants, products with codeine, cold and allergy products, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and pain relievers. It even warns people about “stay awake” drugs as these can exacerbate excitability or drowsiness.
People should ask, if not told by their doctor, how drugs being prescribed to them can affect their driving. It is better to fully be aware of the side effects and prepare accordingly than the alternative of causing a wreck because you weren’t capable of driving properly.
The Department of Motor Vehicles recommends some actions for those who find themselves behind the wheel and not feeling 100 percent.

  • Pull off the road if you’re swerving and nodding off or even experiencing blurriness. This can not only save your life but those driving around you.
  • When one is having a prescription filled, talk about the possible side effects with the pharmacist. Getting the low-down before driving can potentially life-saving.
  • Take some to look into the drug yourself. For drugs that treat allergies, anxiety, high blood pressure, pain, depression, or cholesterol, they can tend to impact a person’s reaction and motor skills.
  • Never drink any alcohol while on prescription drugs.

Here at the Buckeye Superstore, we care about every individual who walks through our doors, whether they leave in a new vehicle or not. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, stop by our store and speak with one of our experienced sales representatives.

Why the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Is a Great Family Vehicle

Are you and your family looking for your next great car? If so, consider the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, which was recently named one of the 12 best family cars by Kelley Blue Book. Known for its ample space, safety features, and luxury amenities, you simply can’t go wrong with this new model.
Not only can the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica fit up to eight people, but it also offers 243 seating configurations, allowing you to fully arrange the cabin to your needs. Thanks to the Stow ‘n Go® Seating and Storage System, the second and third rows can be folded flat into the ground, providing you a level load floor to transport your items. Cargo and passenger space is abundant in this great new Chrysler model.
A thrilling ride may not first come to mind when you think of minivans, but that changes with this Chrysler vehicle. Underneath its hood is a V6 engine that’s worth 287 horsepower and comes mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission. It even garners a max 28 mpg hwy, which is a superior rating in the class.
This model will keep your family safe and secure whether driving in the city or on a long road trip. Every Chrysler Pacifica comes equipped with SafetyTec, a suite of features designed with you in mind. Blind spot monitoring, rear cross path detection, rear park assist with stop, and more, are included.
Here at Buckeye Superstore, located in Shelby, OH, we have the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica on our lot, awaiting your test drive. Come on down today to see it in person, or any of our other Chrysler models, RAM trucks, or used cars. We look forward to helping you soon!

The Facts Behind Our Super Carfax Fox Sale During Our Super Carfax Fox Sale, Check Out These Little-Known Facts About the Car Fox and His Useful Reports So You Can Purchase Pre-Owned Vehicles in Shelby, Ohio with Confidence

Our Super Carfax Fox Sale was recently held in early June, but what does that mean for you? It means that our pre-owned vehicle inventory is extensive, and as part of the family of Low Payment Kings dealerships, we are offering the lowest, most competitive sales on pre-owned vehicles in Shelby! That’s why we called the sale super, but to give our customers that extra peace of mind while shopping our incredible used car inventory, we offer a free Carfax Fox report.
Most consumers know that you can get useful information from a Carfax Fox report, such as how many owners the vehicles previously had, and whether the vehicle has been in an accident, etc.
But, a look through its website shows there are other facts from the trusted Car Fox that can help the consumer, both before and after you purchase your pre-owned vehicle.
A quick visit to their blog page and you can find that clear coat paint may give a car its vibrant look for longer, but during the summer consumers should practice caution to preserve the new care look. Here’s why: UV rays may still cause fading and extra steps to preserve that paint job may have to be taken, reports Carfax.
One solution, according to Carfax, is to regularly wax the car. Wax can create an extra bit of protection from those harmful UV rays, and doing this every three months can go a long way.
When on the road during the summer, drivers know air conditioning in a vehicle is not just a luxury, but it is necessary (unless having a sweaty shirt is something you don’t mind).
There are some signs that are fairly familiar if there’s a problem with the AC, such as the cool temperature felt or a noise coming when it is turned on letting the owner know the compressor has a problem. But Carfax said absent of those two problems is an odor. For those familiar with the odor of a locker room following a football game can signal a problem. That could mean there is a build up of mold. Another sign may be if the floorboard is wet. This one may be a bit harder to discover because mats may hide the damp floor and many times that floor is on the passenger side not allowing the driver to notice. What this usually means is there is a blocked drain and that water has to go somewhere. That is a sign the car has to be taken in because that is a problem consumers cannot fix themselves.
If you’re worried about your vehicle’s paint job, AC system, or are in need of a vehicle, come to Buckeye Superstore, where you will not only get the Carfax Fox Report for free, you’ll also have incredible options with only the best prices from the Low Payment Kings!

2018 Dodge Charger Recognized in Best Retained Value® Awards

The 2018 Dodge Charger is full of power, style, and comfort, and it is no surprise that this upgraded model has recently been recognized in Edmunds’ Best Retained Value® Awards as the winner in the large car category. Buckeye Superstore in Shelby, OH is proud to have this great new Dodge Charger model and other new and used cars in our inventory for you to test drive today.
The Dodge Charger is especially known for its powerful engine options, including the 707 horsepower that the Hellcat engine produces, its many different trim levels and personalization options, and its impressive tech features. It comes in seven different trims, ensuring that what features are must-haves for you are easily available as add-ons or options. The touchscreen interface in the center stack is large, easy to use, and contains some of the most innovative functions such as smartphone integration, making this model stand out from its class even more.
The 2018 Dodge Charger is also extremely safe and secure—in fact, the NHTSA gave it a five-star overall rating. Additionally, it has a post-collision safety system, emergency brake preparation, and front and rear head airbags. Whether you’re looking for a souped-up coupe trim level or more of a family sedan, the 2018 Dodge Charger will keep you and your passengers safe and worry-free.
So, what does having retained value even mean? According to Edmunds, it’s models “that have the highest projected private party residual value five years after their launch, expressed as a percentage of their average True Market Value® (TMV®), and are part of our ongoing effort to highlight overall vehicle value for shoppers.” In other words, it means a vehicle that is projected to “age” optimally and dependably.
Our dealers at Buckeye Superstore are thrilled to show you the 2018 Dodge Charger in person, along with other new cars like RAM trucks and Chrysler cars. Visit our RAM dealership today to test drive a new vehicle, discuss your financing options, schedule a service appointment. Visit us today at 78 Mansfield Ave in Shelby, OH to learn more! We look forward to working with you soon.

2019 RAM 1500 Earns Spot on WardsAuto 10 Best Interiors List

The 2019 RAM 1500 is packed with design and power updates, making it a popular choice among truck lovers this year. But what’s even more impressive is that this model was recently included in WardsAuto 2018 10 Best Interiors List for all its luxury options that are now included in both standard and upgraded trims. Visit our Chrysler dealership in Shelby today to see this new RAM truck.
The cabin of the 2019 RAM 1500 offers the perfect blend of luxury and utility. Depending on trim, you’ll find top-notch amenities such as heated and ventilated front seats, heated second-row seats, automatic temperature control, and leather upholstery.
Tech-wise, it doesn’t disappoint either. Whether you’re heading to work or a campsite, SiriusXM® with 360L, Apple CarPlay™, and Bluetooth® connectivity make every ride hassle-free. You’ll also be able to power your devices while you travel with the wireless charging pad available in certain models.
In addition, this updated model includes the new 12-inch Uconnect® touchscreen infotainment system, which is the largest in its class, and a linked navigation system that allows you to easily view maps and route options. It offers pinch-and-zoom and split-screen capability for seamless functionality. No doubt this infotainment system played a role in earning the 2019 model a spot on the list of best interiors from WardsAuto.
If you’re looking for the power and towing capability of a RAM truck with a luxurious interior and top-of-the-line entertainment system, look no further than the 2019 RAM 1500. This new RAM truck is available now at Buckeye Superstore, located at 278 Mansfield Avenue. Our local Shelby, OH car dealership, open six days a week, can set you up with a test drive in the 2019 RAM 1500 and relay all the new specifications and features.